🔥COFE Private Sale

Why a private sale?

At CoffeeSwap we are clear that we want to launch the best Decentralized platform of the moment. The private presale allows to raise funds to be able to expand the project so that everyone can taste our hot coffee.

In expand we mean:

  • list COFE on Exchanges

  • Add liquidity to Uniswap

  • Create promotions

  • Make Airdrops

  • create a Bounty program

  • list COFE in more Exchanges

  • Pay new programmers

  • Advertising in recognized media

Build trust

We know that it is difficult to trust new projects, we have all trusted that something would turn out well and it turned out to be a failure. At CoffeeSwap we do not have a magic ball, we cannot guarantee the success of the platform because there are many factors beyond our reach, but we can guarantee maximum transparency and professionalism to achieve a good relationship between investors and the CoffeeSwap Team.


To guarantee maximum transparency, the Presale will use a unique Address. This will allow all investors to see all the movements that are made in the Presale.

Those who deposit faster will receive more COFE because they are risking more than those who wait to see the movements. (in the next Paragraph)

Be quick

To reward faster investors we have implemented a reward system based on the Bonding Curve.

The first depositor will receive 50% more than the next depositor and so on until reaching the base price.($ 110 per COFE)

Minimum deposit is 0.04 ETH


Pricing per COFE

1 COFE=20$

1 COFE=30$

1 COFE=45$

1 COFE=67,5$

1 COFE= 101,25$


Total tokens for presale: 750 COFE

Base price: 110$ per Token

Network: Ehtereum Mainnet (buyers with BNB will receive the tokens at their same address but on the Ethereum network)

How to take part

You don't need to be whitelisted or pay a lot of ETH to participate. Just enter the link and wait for the countdown to finish.