What is COFE?

COFE Token is a governance token issued by CoffeeSwap. Holding COFE can vote on proposals to participate in community governance.

What is the contract address of COFE Token?

COFE Token: 0xa11483dfe44f69707708d8af40350ba983b9d741

Is the CoffeeSwap code open source?

The CoffeeSwap smart contracts is open source.

You can find all code here : https://github.com/cofeeswap

Has CoffeeSwap passed the contract audit?

CoffeeSwap is written 100% based on OpenZeppelin Standard also tested Goerli Testnet Network but no audited yet.

How are liquidity providers incentivized?

2.5% of all transfers are forever locked into liquidity, 2.5% are distributed to liquidity providers. Percents can be changed by voting.